Combining Service and Learning in Higher Education: Summary Report

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The intensity of integration with the world of work which includes enterprise, civil society and the public sector is manifested by a strong focus on application of learning. This approach involves combining phases of work and study, a concern for employability, cooperation with employers, the use of practice-relevant knowledge and use-inspired research.

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Examples of providers of professional higher education may include graduate colleges of architecture , business , journalism , law , library science , optometry , pharmacy , public policy , human medicine , professional engineering , podiatric medicine , scientific dentistry , K education , and veterinary medicine. A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development states that by , 84 percent of young people were completing upper secondary education over their lifetimes, in high-income countries. Tertiary-educated individuals were earning twice as much as median workers.

In contrast to historical trends in education, young women were more likely to complete upper secondary education than young men. Additionally, access to education was expanding and growth in the number of people receiving university education was rising sharply.

By , close to 40 percent of people aged 25—34 and around 25 percent of those aged 55—64 , were being educated at university. The Lisbon Recognition Convention stipulates that degrees and periods of study must be recognised in all of the Signatory Parties of the Convention. Universities worldwide have permitted or actively encouraged grade inflation as they compete with each other for students.


It merely serves the purpose of signalling to employers that a graduate is probably brilliant, diligent, and willing to tolerate serious boredom. To remedy this situation, he proposes a massive shift in emphasis from academic degrees to vocational training.

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  • Public spending on university education should be eliminated so that underemployment-prone degrees will become less attractive to students of average ability. The vast public funds thus saved could then be redirected to other purposes.

    University of Bologna , located in Bologna, Italy , is the oldest institution of higher education in the Western world. Colegio de Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco , located in Mexico City , Mexico , was the first and oldest European school of higher learning in the Americas [28] and the first and oldest major school of interpreters and translators in the New World. The University of Pennsylvania considers itself the first institution in the United States of America to use the term "university" in its name. The Jeffersonian architecture of Tsinghua University , an institution of higher learning in Beijing , China.

    The University of Tokyo is an institution of higher learning in Tokyo , Japan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Combining Service and Learning in Higher Education, Summary Edition - PDF Free Download

    For other uses, see Higher Education disambiguation. For other uses, see Higher Learning disambiguation. Academic tertiary education, such as from colleges and universities. For broader coverage of this topic, see Tertiary education.

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    Main article: Liberal arts college. Main article: Engineering college. Main article: Performing arts education. Main articles: Art education and Art school. Main articles: Vocational university , Vocational school , and Technical school. Education portal. Retrieved 11 April Retrieved 7 April Georgetown University. May Retrieved 17 August Retrieved Retrieved September 11, Retrieved 28 May The World University Rankings.

    Times Higher Education. Retrieved June 23, Princeton University Press. Gaston The Challenge of Bologna. The first college in America: Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco. Washington DC. Levels of academic degree. Bachelor's degree Honours degree. Doctorate Candidate of Sciences. Honorary degree Ad eundem degree. Higher education by region.

    Higher education in Africa. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Somaliland. Book Category Asia portal. Higher education in Europe. Higher education in North America. Higher education in Oceania. Cook Islands Niue. Higher education in South America.

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    Dependencies and other territories. Preschool Pre-kindergarten Kindergarten. Elementary school First school Infant school Junior school Primary school. Adult high school Cadet college Collegiate institute Comprehensive high school U. Comprehensive school Continuation high school Grammar school Gymnasium High school Lyceum Secondary school Sixth form college Studio school University-preparatory school University technical college Upper school. Professional school Technical school Vocational school. All-through school K—12 school Middle school One-room schools Ranch school.

    College preparatory Compulsory education Continuing education Further education Gifted education Remedial education Special education. Gray, Maryann J. As mandated by the U. Congress, this report evaluates the Learn and Serve America program's effects on higher education students service providers , service recipients, and higher education institutions, and assesses the program's return on investment. An introduction summarizes the policy debate and reviews the study objectives and approach.

    Other sections: 1 review program accomplishments in direct service and capacity building; 2 assess the program's effects on student development; 3 assess the program's effects on communities; 4 assess the program's effects on colleges and universities as measured by four objectives expanding student service opportunities, integrating service into course work, fostering mutually beneficial relationships with community organizations, and promoting sustainable programs ; and 5 estimate the program's return on investment.