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After making the first - it was much too large so I ripped half out and adjusted the pattern. So heads up for AG doll grandmas :- I tried to add a photo but for some reason Amazon says my jpg is an unsupported file type First of all. April 16, - Published on Amazon.


I bought this book almost by accident and boy, was I delighted! First of all, the instructions are very clear, with beautiful photos of exact details. Second, there is none of the annoying stuff so when you start on a project in the middle of the book the instructions are complete with no need to turn back to previous projects and jumping back and forth. I did my first project and it turned out perfectly and I will do them all. The attention to detail is what sets this book apart.

I recently bought a much more expensive book on doll clothes written by a leading name in the field, and was so disappointed when I saw that in many of the photos the doll shoes were on the wrong feet!

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What does that say about the instructions? I look forward to trying one of the author's other books to see if they are all this good. February 11, - Published on Amazon. Love love love this book!

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I'm a crocheter and make any and everything is can get my hands on. My daughter has an american girl doll and loves when I make things for her.

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I've make a few hats from this book and and a few from the other one. Very easy to follow instructions.

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October 21, - Published on Amazon. This is a great book for cute doll hats.

Crochet Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus Heirloom Dolls Part 1 of 4 DIY video tutorial

I had a little trouble starting a project using their "magic circle" process, but got the hand of it eventually. Book is well written. It is unblemished and as described. Go to Amazon.

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