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Toggle navigation CriminalDefenseLawyer. Search Term. Forgery Laws in Colorado. Forgery In Colorado, a person commits the crime of forgery by falsely making, completing, altering, or uttering offering as true a written instrument with the intent to defraud. Forgery of certain written instruments is punished more severely under Colorado law, including forgeries of: money, stamps, or government securities stocks or bonds deeds, wills, contracts, or other legal documents public records tokens, transfers, or tickets used in the place of money lottery tickets, or identification documents.

Possession of Forged Documents In Colorado, it is not only a crime to create forged documents; it is also a crime to possess such documents with the knowledge that the document has been forged and with the intent to use it to defraud.

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Academic Records Colorado law also prohibits altering or completing a false academic record from a high school or college with the intent to use the record to apply to a school or for a job or scholarship. Forgery Tools Like many other states, Colorado also criminalizes the possession of tools used to make forgeries or counterfeits.

Obtaining Legal Assistance Most forgery convictions can result in time in prison and a fine. Talk to a Lawyer. Start here to find criminal defense lawyers near you. Practice Area Please select Zip Code.

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How it Works Briefly tell us about your case Provide your contact information Choose attorneys to contact you. After twenty centuries of time, the forgery blushes to look criticism in the face. That story, ben trovato but not vero, rests on a forgery by the Regent! Words related to forgery falsification , imposition , cheat , imposture , pseudo , phony , twin , imitation , fake , carbon , copy , fabrication , sham , fraudulence , bogus , imitating , lookalike.

Words nearby forgery forgat , forgather , forgave , forge , forge welding , forgery , forget , forget it , forget oneself , forget-me-not , forgetful.

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Examples from the Web for forgery But Colette sees a more serious problem with forgery , beyond the distorting effect forgery has on the art market. The Red Thumb Mark R. In the first place, the principal crime is the only one dealt with; the aiders and abettors of the forgery are not mentioned. In the next place, by a strict interpretation, allowable in penal matters but; certainly opposed to the spirit of the Decretals of Innocent III , recent canonists exempt from the ipso facto censure forgers of entire Apostolic Letters, and bring under it only those who seriously alter authentic documents.

There are therefore three acts contemplated by the latter text; the falsification, in the strict sense of the word, of Apostolic Letters and supplicas; the publication of false Apostolic Letters; the forging of signatures to supplicas. The "publication" which incurs this censure is not the material divulgation of a document, but presupposes that such document is offered as, and affirmed to be, authentic. Supplicas with forged signatures it would be useless to publish since they cannot take the place of the official document conveying the concession; but the officials issuing Apostolic Letters on the strength of such signed supplicas would have been misled by the false signature.

To have their full official weight before a tribunal, public documents must be presented either in the original, or in copies certified by some public officer. Hence the note of falsification does not attach to reproductions devoid of all guarantee of authenticity; nevertheless such reproductions are sometimes seriously criminal because of the perverse intention of their authors. V, tit.

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A Bull purporting to be by Pius IX , dated 28 May, , modifying the law in vigour for the election of a pope was forged, with the connivance at least, of the Prussian Government. Another false document, published by many newspapers in , authorized the marriage of priests in South America, but no one placed any credence in it.

Sources All canonical commentaries on the title De crimine falsi; Decret. XX; Extravag. I, appendix VIII, p.

APA citation. Boudinhon, A. Forgery, Forger. In The Catholic Encyclopedia.

New York: Robert Appleton Company. MLA citation. Boudinhon, Auguste.

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