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A guardian angel dedicated to his duty, Marcus will do whatever Heaven asks of him, but even his loyalty has its limits. On the run from demonic angels and the Devil himself, aided by warrior angels and their amazing women, Marcus and Amelia discover a love that will last forever. When the strength of that love is put to the test, will Marcus and Amelia win their fight for survival against the odds or will they lose in a deadly eternal game between Heaven and Hell?

More by Felicity Heaton See more. Felicity Heaton. The fiery, dangerous female awakened hungers he had never experienced before, a dark craving and passion that has consumed him in their time apart. As the lunar cycle wanes, she enters his world again and nothing will stand in the way of him claiming his forever with her—not the relentless assault from the Fifth Realm or the dark elf male determined to seduce her out of his grasp. Intent on achieving the coveted position of commander at Archangel, Sable leads her small team into the dark underworld and the Third Realm, to a war where her allies are the very creatures she normally hunts—vampires, werewolves, and demons.

As the gathering storm between rivals unleashes irresistible passion that flares white-hot and the heat of the battle brings life-shattering realisations, can Sable place her duty before her heart? Or will she surrender to her deepest desires and be claimed by a demon king? Next book in the Eternal Mates paranormal romance series coming soon! Now, he roams Hell seeking an escape from his terrible past and the heads of all who bear magic.

When demons of the Fifth Realm capture him, he sees a chance to end his existence, but when he wakes in a cell to a beautiful female, he finds not death but his only shot at salvation—his true fated mate. Unwilling to fall under the control of anyone ever again, Vail must escape before the Fifth King can use him as a pawn in a deadly game of revenge, but he cannot leave without Rosalind, the woman who looks at him with dark desire in her stunning eyes and awakens a fierce hunger in his heart.

A witch who drives him mad with need even as the darkness within whispers she will enslave him too. Aug 07, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , paranormal-romance , ebooks. Hello, Marcus!

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Yes, Felicity Heaton has done it again. She's given us a smokin' hot angel who has passion to burn and the lady friend who helps ignite him. As an added plus, we get to meet up with the couples from the previous books and see how life's been treating them. I love that. I love being able to peek in on previous main characters to see how things have turned out.

Her Dark Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 1)

I liked that Marcus was just biding his time on Earth, guarding who he was sent to guard until he could request Hello, Marcus! I liked that Marcus was just biding his time on Earth, guarding who he was sent to guard until he could request a transfer. He didn't love the mortal world, he did his job but he never really got involved in the loves of the mortals he was watching over. As he starts to fall for Amelia and see her as a woman instead of a mission, he begins to change. As for Amelia, I wasn't sure what to think of her at first. Her track record with men sucks and it seemed like as soon as he falls on her radar she's gunning for him.

Don't get me wrong, it worked but it seemed a little mercenary at first. Still, she grew on me and I ended up feeling for her and what she was put through. I feel like this book has changed the entire dynamic of the universe Felicity Heaton has created. Something big is introduced and if the series continues I can see it having huge impact on the overall battle between heaven and hell. The battles are big, the love is even bigger and the betrayals our heroes face is game-changing.

Just the way I like my romances. Jan 22, Grace rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , action , virgin-hero-s-are-the-best , This one is a bit longer than I remember the others being. The beginning you have to sort of muddle through. The characters are sort of meh to start off with but then the action starts. This book is a lot more than what the description claims, it turns out to be a pretty epic battle for love. There is a lot going on and our characters are left in the dark about most of it.

Honestly, it is all a bit convoluted for me but I kept going. We see them grow together and some good sexy scenes, then BAM This one is a bit longer than I remember the others being. We see them grow together and some good sexy scenes, then BAM there is significant character change and growth. It took a bit for it to shake out but then the real action started and answers were found. I really liked how the author weaved the story, and the ending was pretty cool. We have a whiny angel and a human who isn't dazzling. I get why now, why spend so much time when she is going to evolve into so much more.

This book focused a lot of the rebirth factor and how once an angel dies they are reborn without their memories. The H is given a mission guarding the female he has watched over her entire life. All the past couples are brought in once he saves her from some Hell's angels. I never read the first book, so I don't know much about the retired angel of death but once he see's the h he is forced to kill her.

The H protects her, giving up his life, but right before he is destroyed she sacrifices herself. They heal up the H and he grieves a few minutes until an awesome scene where she transforms into an Angel. Except there are no female angels, so everyone is all sorts of confused. Including her because she doesn't remember her mortal life. The hero grieves because he just fell in love for the first time he can remember and this new being isn't her He tells her he wished he would have just died so when the angels come to take her, she goes freely to save them from fighting.

She starts to remember her mortal life and the H and once in Heaven she starts to remember other pasts lives, once filled with blood. The H and company go to hell and are finally given some convoluted answers. She is the first and only female angel, born out both God and the devil themselves.

She brought some bad ju ju and less order back when life first started. She is much stronger than normal angels and her blood is even more powerful. It is a seal. If Heaven kills her then they seal hell and if Hell kills her they seal heaven, but it is much more of a ritual sacrifice then just that. Each time he dies with her and they do it all over again. And that weird curse on his wings that was a bit confusing was placed on him because the angels heard he wanted to change rolls and become a fighter. If he couldn't fly then he couldn't fight, when it started to lift the curse still didn't let him fly if it was to help deter the mission of the h's sacrifice.

An Angel in Disguise — M.K. Lansbury

See, convoluted, but still fascinating and tragic. Angel of death and H go to heaven during an all out war and bust in to get her. As soon as he steps into the ritual he is blasted with power ordering him to kill her, the same stuff that happens to the angel of death. He fights but can't win, not until she tells him she loves him. That unlocks some of his power, the power he doesn't know is within him..

I didn't understand why she was fighting like a human to defend herself. He gets some control and helps her flee but others try to stop them. Her power comes out and it is awesome. They get out and he renounces heaven and becomes a fallen angel, literally because their still in the sky, but it is the only thing he can think of to stop the demand to kill her. She gets them back to their friends. She learns a bit more about her powers. He knows she is a deity within herself, so he says she can be his master, not heaven or hell. So they form a contact of the heart, he gets new armor, blades, and wings like hers 50 percent beautiful feathers and 50 percent leathery demon wings.

Somehow he finally unlocks all of his power now that he isn't under heavens rules, she says he can believe in himself now. The angel of death guy goes to heaven and basically says if you kill her I will let the devil out of his cage that's part of his destiny.

The H decides to go and make his own threats. He goes in the same way they send demons to the detention center to be questioned. He lets out a horde of captive demons and finds the angel of death and angels, including his old master. He gets so pissed that his power flares to the point where everyone is on their knees writhing in pain, including his friend AND old master.

He finally realizes he is more powerful than all of them, and has his old master shaking. He tells them they can draw lines in the sand, OR they can fight. But his new master can make many more like him and have her own army. In the end they are just happy to be together, even knowing that both sides will never leave them be forever. I am going to read some more of this series just to see how they fair in the future.

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I think they need a novela just because they are so epic. It did take a while for him to open up to her. It's almost like their past lives affected them in different ways. We don't know much about it, if they were in love the other times but it makes a bit of since, even though the author never did tie it all together.

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