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Skip to content Skip to search. Home This edition , English, Book, Illustrated edition: Herrmann's book of magic: black art fully exposed: a complete and practical guide to drawing-room and stage magic for professionals and amateurs, including a complete exposure of the black art. Language English. Check copyright status Cite this Title Herrmann's book of magic: black art fully exposed: a complete and practical guide to drawing-room and stage magic for professionals and amateurs, including a complete exposure of the black art.

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Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"? University of Queensland Library. Open to the public ; Online: Not available for loan Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries None of your libraries hold this item. It shattered into fifty pieces. Every person in the room was horrified, none more than Herrmann. He ordered the game to proceed. He was hoping to have it repaired. That was the very cue Herrmann was hoping for. He hesitated for an instant, then ordered the mirror to be covered with a cloth concealing it from view. After about ten minutes, he whisked away the cloth and the mirror was completely restored and without a flaw.

Alexander met his brother Carl again in in Paris. Carl was planning on retiring again and was grooming their nephew Leon to be his successor. However, he did not intend to retire until he regained his fortune. So an agreement was made between the two brothers to split the world. Compars was to return to Europe and Alexander to the United States.

Alexander left Paris to go back to America, where he became an established institution. Two years later, while in New York, Alexander was shocked to hear the news of the death of his brother Carl, who died on July 8, in Karlsbad in Germany. Even with the rivalry between them, Alexander could not help but feel that he owed everything to him.

Since Alexander was widely known in the States, when news of the death of Professor Herrmann hit the papers, many thought it was Alexander that had died.

Carl did regain his fortune before he died. Leon took his place and was doing well. Alexander was content to let Leon take over Europe.

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Throughout the s and s, Alexander and his wife Adelaide Herrmann performed together in elaborate stage shows. The great American impresario Michael B. Leavitt always paid all transportation costs as well as advertising, salaries, and other expenses. Leavitt never refused his star. He considered it a safe investment. They presented a full evening program, adapting such tricks as Robert Houdin's Aerial Suspension routine in an illusion called Trilby.

A board would be set on top of two chairs, and Madame Herrmann would be placed on top of the board. Both the board and Madame Herrmann would rise into the air. The two chairs would be removed. After a hoop was passed over, Madame Herrmann would descend back to the two chairs. The Herrmanns presented this and many other fine illusions of the time. Their only rival was Harry Kellar. Robert Heller was the first to wear the mantle. Even though he tried to prove that his original name was Keller with an e and changed years ago so not to be confused with his friend Heller, the public was still cold to him.

So Kellar toured the world instead, only making occasional trips to his home country. When he did, he found the new King of Magic was Herrmann the Great.

  • by Prof. Herrmann.
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  • He tried to dethrone the reigning monarch, but the America people loved Alexander and his wit. Harry Kellar's famous advertisements often portrayed supernatural creatures. Two flower pots were covered by a cone and a full bouquet of flowers were produced by Kellar as if they had grown magically. No false moves were ever detected by the audience. Herrmann too was a master at misdirection, and as a pure entertainer, he had no equal.

    Leavitt handled both magicians. At first Leavitt objected, but Kellar had a strong personality and would not take no for an answer. Leavitt regretfully conceded. However, instead of letting Kellar win, he used Herrmann as a spoiler.

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    This time he refused to pay them. A litigation ensued which strained their relations. Whenever Herrmann or Kellar would play a town, they would hang paper banners heralding their arrival. Whoever got there first won that battle. So they started a succession of paper wars. Herrmann would put up his posters. This would continue until the day of the show; the last poster standing was the victor.

    After years of this bickering, they decided to hold a ceasefire. They felt the country was big enough to have two Kings of Magic. Even with this truce, the public still favored Alexander.

    Herrmanns Book of Magic 1502

    The bullet catchOne of the most dangerous magic tricks is the bullet catch. The bullet catch is a trick in which a magician has a spectator mark a bullet and load it into a gun. Then the spectator fires directly at the magician, who appears to catch the bullet—often in his mouth, sometimes in his hand. A version of the act was designed by Hermann the Great with the help of his assistant, Billy Robinson. Years later, Billy, as Chung Ling Soo, would be killed with the same style gun.

    Old fashioned muzzle-loaders were used for the act. The so-called bullet was actually a lead ball rammed into the gun together with a small charge of gunpowder.

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    When the firing mechanism was activated, the gunpowder exploded and caused the lead ball to project forward down the barrel like a miniature cannon shot. In truth, most versions of the trick had either a fake bullet inserted into the gun, or had the ball secretly removed immediately before discharge. What came out the gun's muzzle was just a flash of fire, giving the illusion of an exiting projectile. Herrmann the Great performed his own version of the bullet catch.

    The bullet was still marked, but the danger of the trick was avoided.

    Herrmann's Book of Magic

    The gunpowder never came near the firing mechanism, with the result that the bullet never left the gun. The trick was safe—or so Herrmann thought; he would never live long enough to see his one-time assistant die from it. However, he did make the most of the trick. Not a normal part of his act, the trick would be presented on special occasions. Herrmann announced in May that he would attempt the bullet catch for the seventh time on the stage of the Olympia Theatre as part of a fundraiser for the Sick Babies Fund. A female reporter was dispatched to interview Madame Herrmann. She went to the Herrmann Manor at Whitestone Landing for the interview.

    As she walked in she was greeted with a voice that said, "What do you want? Just then an animated skeleton sprung out at her. She shrieked, which brought a maid from down the hall. She found the Herrmanns waiting for her. Madame Herrmann said, "I lock myself into my dressing room whenever Alexander faces a firing squad.

    by Prof. Herrmann

    Seven, you know, is a lucky number. Apparently he had not mentioned the bullet-catching stunt when he applied for it. He wore a white shirt with frills on the sleeves. He had five muzzle loaders marked and loaded. They aimed their rifles at him. Madame Herrmann was nowhere to be seen.