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Two songs about love from the always great Sufjan Stevens in celebration of Pride month. Explore music. Evelyn Olivares. Paul Goyen. Leigh Stancliffe. Purchasable with gift card. As for the pacing of this book it was a little bit rushed at times. I've become used to seeing a slow build up with Robin Hobb towards an eventual epic conclusion and parts of this book did skip forwards through large chunks in order to tell a story more completely. Whilst I liked that we got to the present day storyline, I felt it could maybe have been done a little smoother, and so I hope this is something we won't encounter again any time soon.

With that said I do think that because this is a shorter book than many of her others and because she wants each series to be a potential entry point I understood the need for it and it wasn't a major detraction at all for me.

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The ending of this book is not what I was expecting at all. I think it's rather abrupt and very 'stop you in your tracks'.

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I just didn't see it heading that way, and I didn't think that it would be so sudden and wild. I think it worked as a shock factor and it was pretty bold and daring to end a book that way, it certainly makes me want to know what will happen next and I can't wait to move on with the story. Three years ago, after reading the book one of the Fitz and the Fool series Hobb's finale that somehow left me both content and wanting more — Will there be more beyond that end? I continue to hope. Well, I succeeded in only part of that goal by finishing the Liveship books, before being drawn back to Fitz's final plight.

I'm not alone in doing so. I've seen many online ask the question even to Hobb herself of whether reading all of the trilogies are necessary.

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A lot of people say yes, some say no. I don't think she's the kind of author just saying that to get people to read all of her works either. The further I delve into this fantasy world she has created, the more I understand the richness of one very large story broken apart only by location and character. I knew when the Fitz and the Fool arrived in Kelsingra in book 3 of the last trilogy, that I'd missed something there.

I also knew the answer to it lay in this series. This is hardly a review of Dragon Haven, but let me tell you, I am liking the start to this series. Turns out going back to fill in the gaps has some good benefits to it. In a way, I'm seeing the past and the future of this world at the same time. That's cool.

Dragon Keeper

By the way, this first book has no resolution. It was certainly not meant to be a stand-alone. I know the story of these dragons and their keepers continues in book 2, and I'll be heading there, happily so. View all 14 comments. The Dragon Keeper is not epic. It doesn't wow me. This book should be read as an introduction to the books to come. Toward the end, things do heat up when all those newly introduced characters are thrown on a boat together which results in the first sneaky power games and head for a vaguely remembered magical city somewhere out The Dragon Keeper is not epic.

Toward the end, things do heat up when all those newly introduced characters are thrown on a boat together which results in the first sneaky power games and head for a vaguely remembered magical city somewhere out there in the Rainwilds. I'm super confident that the books to come will be amazing. And I'm excited to find out what Hobb has in store. However, several of what I consider those special, superb Hobb-ingredients are missing in The Dragon Keeper. Compelling characters for instance.

For a big chunk of the book only Alise seems nicely fleshed out. And even she lacks the spunk of Althea and Malta, the two incredible heroines from The Liveship Traders. Greft a Draco Malfoy including servants and Sedric have potential. But captain Leftrin isn't exactly Brashen Trell material. His ability to impress me in the books to come will probably co-depend on whether he's capable of successfully corrupting Alise. My main concern however..

I miss that charming, evil bastard of a pirate Kennit! Or ANY Kennit-ish character.

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Darn it! More importantly, Hobb always made a point of cleverly weaving multiple layers through her stories, some so hidden and secret, that as a reader I often sensed there was a delicious magical undercurrent to the story that was just.. In The Dragon Keeper , what you see is mostly what you get: dragon as well as human misfits heading on a desperate dragon dung and mud filled quest.

Those intriguing Rainwild people are no longer a mystery, as they were when a veiled Reyn Khuprus offered Malta the most magical gifts. The dreamlike Elderlings with their buried cities lost a little of their appeal as well, now that it has become clear that humans can become them, when touched by dragons.

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Last but not least, is it crucial to read The Liveship Traders and The Farseer books before picking up this one? Yes and no. The latter will definitely provide you with the complete picture and Hobb masterly connects her works, which often results in "oh my god, Amber is actually Paragon looks exactly like But the Farseer books are skippable.

View all 29 comments. Feb 06, Mark Halse rated it really liked it Shelves: high-priority. Though it pains me to give a Robin Hobb book anything less than 5 stars the ending to this book was an enormous middle finger. This story was clearly chopped up by a publisher in hopes of making as much money as possible.

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The page count of each book alone is telling of this crime. Publishing politics aside, this book was Hobb business as usual and that means excellent character development. Robin Hobb writes stories that become a part of you and that's all a reader can ask. Highly recommended if Though it pains me to give a Robin Hobb book anything less than 5 stars the ending to this book was an enormous middle finger. Highly recommended if you have book two at the ready.

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Jul 10, Shelby M. Trigger warnings: Sexual assault, cheating This story is intriguing! I was a little nervous because the Rain Wild Chronicles has mixed reviews. I also have to confess to reading the different series that make up The Realm of the Elderlings in the wrong order as I was ignorant of how much interconnection there is between all of them.

So, lesson learned. That means I have read books both preceding and following this trilogy. I really had no idea how much connected between them. But now I do, and even with my unique reading order, I am really enjoying this. Actually, I have to confess to enjoying knowing some of the connections that come from my knowledge of The Fitz and the Fool books, but I would have preferred to have read them in order and made the connections as they were presented.

This book starts with the hatching of the cocoons created by the serpents at the end of The Liveship Traders. These poor things were not given the proper start at life as they should have been. The journey they made to cocoon was far from ideal and took its price. And as a result, the hatched dragons are sorry things that dependent on humans and confined by their lack of flight. It is an interesting situation as dragons are born with memories of their ancestors, so they are very aware of the shortcomings and the life they are missing.

This is an area that we have seen bits of in Liveship Traders, but it was never focused on to the extent it is here.