San Antonio, City for a King: An Account of the Colonial History of San Antonio and Texas

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Located in a complex that once housed Lone Star Brewery, the San Antonio Museum offers visitors a cultural experience unlike any other. The museum features an impressive art collection that spans over 5, years and touches upon many different genres, from antiquity to contemporary. Rockefeller Latin American art wing. Taste different kinds of beers and whiskeys at Ranger Creek Brewing and Distillery. If whiskey and beer are your go-tos, then a tour of Ranger Creek Brewing and Distillery is in order. Beware: The tours fill up quickly so make sure to purchase a ticket in advance.

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El Mercado or the Market Square covers three blocks of an outdoor plaza lined with over locally-owned restaurants and shops. See all the art that Marion Koogler McNay collected over the years. McNay began construction on a house in that would become the McNay Art Museum, the first modern art museum of Texas, in During her lifetime, McNay collected over works of art by Diego Rivera, Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Picasso, but today, the museum has expanded to include 22, pieces of art, mostly from the 19th- and 20th-centuries.

Featuring over 45 local vendors, the Pearl Farmers Market is chock full of yummy food and beverage options for the whole family.

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All vendors live and work within a mile-radius of the Pearl Farmers Market ensuring that visitors to the market will be supporting local food producers. First Fridays is a free monthly festival that takes over Southtown the first Friday of every month. The annual Fiesta festival originated in as a way to memorialize the heroes at the Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Make sure to check out the Battle of Flowers Parade, which draws crowds in the tens of thousands, and is the only parade planned and directed by women.

The Natural Bridge Caverns are the largest known commercial caverns in Texas, discovered by four students from a San Antonio university in the s and named after a foot limestone slab bridge found at the cavern's entrance. The natural wonder attracts a large daily dose of tourists and locals interested in taking tours feet below ground to see ancient formations and large caves.

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With multiple tour options and surface attractions like obstacle courses and gem and fossil mining, there is something for everyone at Natural Bridge Caverns. Covering 38 acres of land, the non-profit San Antonio Botanical Garden is a family-friendly site that delights all sorts of visitors.

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Each season brings with it new exotic plants, desert greenery and even a rose garden that attracts a wide range of birds and insects. All four missions are still home to active Catholic parishes that hold regular services. San Pedro Springs Park is the second oldest park in all of the U.

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The pool in the park is surrounded by many BBQ pits, picnic locations, and tennis courts. Expect 46 acres of outdoor heaven. Expect an exciting rotating exhibition that includes a super impressive spy academy, an outdoor park, spaces that inspire creativity, and hands-on exhibits that teach kids about science, art, sound, and more.

But upon wandering into the courtyard, curiosity got the best of the little girl and she stepped too close to the well.

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Trailing her fingers along the brick, she gripped the sides and leaned over to peer down into the dark depths of the water-source. Her little body wobbled on the precipice of the well, and gravity proved relentless. Down she went, falling to her death. Her body was soon recovered, and as strange as it is, her little body is said to have been interred in the wall surrounding the well itself. Her spirit is said to still haunt the area, and people have reported seeing a young, dark-haired girl sitting on the wall of the well weeping. Is it possible that the apparition is of the little girl who mistakenly fell into the well.

The dark blanket of the night had already fallen over the presidio and the City of San Antonio when they arrived under the covert of darkness. They barged through the doors, collecting every bit of valuable items that they could find along the way. They dropped the objects into their bags, scouring the comandancia for more goods. Carefully, they moved to the courtyard at the rear of the building.

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Had they all targeted separate areas of the property? Had they moved as one unit? The minute details have been lost to history, to hearsay, to local lore, but upon entering the courtyard their greedy gazes glimpsed the figure of a girl. In others, she was simply one of the servants of the presidio , left behind to watch over the priceless valuables. Whoever the young girl was, the robbers caught sight of her and panicked at the chance of their identities being discovered.

She was jerked to the ground, a length of harsh rope tied around her wrists and another around her ankles.

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Bound with no hope for escape, she was tossed over the side of the well to plummet the 37ft. She drowned in that well, on that dark night when robbers stole into the fortification to steal the treasures of the house. He came forward and spilled his dirty secret. One has to wonder if he was punished at the hanging tree, as one of the criminals who met their end dancing in the breeze.

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Though the answer eludes us, one thing is for certain: the ghosts roaming the area of the well have their own ghastly, gritty tales to tell of their gruesome deaths. Since the s restoration period, rumors have swirled around about an infant whose bones were buried in the walls of the private chapel. Docia Schultz Williams, in her book, Spirits of San Antonio and South Texas , has argued that that the infant might have been a stillborn within the presidio. Where questions arise on why the infant was not given a proper burial, Williams reports that it is possible that bad weather caused a delay in bringing the baby to the cemetery.

Another theory is that the family might have worried about an attack from the Apache or Comanche peoples while en route to the cemetery to bury the child.

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Who she was? To learn more about the hours of the Museum, and about tours of the interior and the grounds, check out this link. After all, when the San Antonio Ghost Hunters visited in , they caught shadow people and black mists all about the property. The Palace before its renovation By then, the property had fallen into disrepair. Not particularly in this order. Restoration Efforts at the Presidio It was all in thanks to Adina Emilia De Zavala that the presidio ever returned to its former glory. Preservation Adina de Zavala outside the Palace Even so, she spent all of her energy in pushing the need to restore the property.

It is beyond your possible conceptions of a spring. Beyond beauty, the upper reaches of the San Antonio River also were suitable for the kind of agriculture practiced in northern Mexico — livestock ranching and maize farming. The banks of the rivers were just too steep, or the floodplains were just too wide. San Antonio was just right.

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It was Goldilocks. De la Teja said that during this phase of history, San Antonio can be seen as an extension of the northern colonial Mexico — the next logical step in a process that started in the 16th century with the conquest of the Aztecs. The cultural impact of this Spanish colonial push into Texas would last and spread throughout the state.

Four other Spanish missions would follow. The natives from which missionaries recruited were unusually open to mission life.