The Flexible Investing Playbook: Asset Allocation Strategies for Long-Term Success

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What is Dynamic Asset Allocation? - Type of Asset Allocation - Part 3 - Asset Allocation Strategies

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February's Market Outlook: Both Dangerous and Fruitful

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Advisories Wealth Advisory U. Follow Author on LinkedIn. Silicon Valley Bank - Home. We also believe that there will again come a time when short-term investment moves cost the investor more in taxes short-term gains instead of long-term gains and lost opportunity than is the case today. We will want to have the flexibility to return to a less-active investment style when that happens. One who is tactical for a living does not have that opportunity. We think of investing as shades of grey, not black-or-white decisions. Hanging on every economic release as if it is make-or-break information for your retirement goals.

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Those insights have an agenda, so be careful. Recent examples include the explosion of absolute return funds, managed futures vehicles, and ETFs based on contrived indexes. As with hedge funds a few years ago, people want to buy what they wish they bought last year.

The flexible investing playbook : asset allocation strategies for long - term success

Product producers know that and they feed off it…and off of you if you are not careful. Assuming that bigger is better when it comes to mutual fund product providers. The biggest fund companies have several drawbacks which often make them less appealing than investing with established, more entrepreneurial fund managers and fund companies. Thinking your portfolio is doing great because you are way up this year…after being way down last year. The problem is that when trying to bounce back from a large hit to your portfolio, the math works against you.

Helping Institutions and Ordinary People Invest Better by Focusing on Risk Control

We provide solutions to match your income needs. Diversified portfolios are built to last.

They are resilient and dependable. The portfolios we manage are diversified across assets classes and industries. Allocations are reviewed regularly and adjusted based on short-term and long-term opportunities.


Some see volatility as a necessary evil when investing. We see a plethora of benefits associated with market movements. We understand that watching your money fluctuate is no fun, but when you go beyond emotions and look deeper at the fundamental and technical factors of markets, opportunities emerge from volatility. We champion the use of conservative option strategies to generate additional income to dampen overall account volatility.

You work hard to earn a living for yourself and your family. However, it is not just about what you make, it is what you keep that matters most. By having an in-office tax department that works directly with investment advisors, clients are assured that their wealth accumulation strategies and financial goals are synchronized with their tax plans.

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  8. Our philosophy of active management means that we are proactive in identifying trends and making necessary adjustments. We have full discretion to protect and grow your assets. When we make an investment decision, we act swiftly.