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Raw heat output of a grill for our purposes will be measured in degrees Fahrenheit; some measure in BTUs but BTU information is spotty for these grills only one clearly lists its BTU output.

Be careful of high heat as a selling point: higher heat output is not necessarily better. Even a relatively low heat output can result in easy, even grilling on a small grill.

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Larger surfaces, higher heat, better construction and durability, and more features are all going to add to your price. Determine your price range up front and try to stick to it, because things can add up quickly. In my opinion, cookware should be bought with the intent to use it for at least the next five years and a decade or more if you can manage it.

This applies to silverware, pots and pans, kitchen accessories like blenders or mixers, and of course grills.

Traeger Grills Traeger's Everyday Cookbook

This is the Big Kahuna of Traeger Grills. In this case, storage space is storage space. While you can store your grill related stuff here, it also gives you extra space for, say, a toolbox or something to get it out from under your feet whenever you walk on your back porch…but I digress. The smoker box remains and is slightly larger than the others. In fact, everything is a bit larger than others on this list. And heavy.

That makes this bad boy the go-to for people that need to feed a lot of hungry mouths. Do you host the neighborhood barbecue? Or maybe your annual family reunion event? What about the big Superbowl party? Whatever big event you need it for, this grill has you covered. Plus it still retains my favorite feature the side grease drain , even if it loses out on the tool storage and front rack.

Unless you are the host or grillmaster for a huge event like I mentioned, the extra size is kind of overkill: but if you need it, you definitely need it. Specs-wise, this is roughly identical to the Junior Elite. It has the same cooking surface area square inches , same temperature control, 8lb hopper capacity, smoker box, and pretty much everything else. The price difference is minuscule, and the added portability is a huge plus in my book. Consider this sort of the final evolution of the Junior Elite: a little more expensive, but a little more effective.

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This grill is a rebel: The Renegade starts our trend of more variety in specs. What it has over those besides the extra size, enough to throw a few more burgers on the grill or an extra half a chicken are features. You just open a back hatch, the wood pellets will come tumbling out, and you can replace them with new ones. Saves you a lot of time and effort if you need to clean or like to change to different woods for smoking I personally suggest cherry wood for most things, but variety is always nice.

This takes enough of the hassle out of it to almost make it worth buying just for that, in my opinion. First up on our list, this grill is a perfect entry-level option for the frequent casual griller. It is simply a good if simple, grill.

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Apple BBQ Hardwood. Pecan BBQ Hardwood. Rib Rack.

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BBQ Grilling Spatula. Finish them off with a sweet BBQ glaze your guests will rave about. A darker take on brisket. BBQ St.

Bbq pro gas grill

Louis Ribs. Ribs don't get much easier or tastier with our top Pitmaster's take on ribs. This juicy method will win over your heart and your stomach. These pork ribs are rubbed with our signature Pork and Poultry seasoning and smoked for three hours, wrapped with brown sugar and honey for two, and given perfect color with a little Traeger BBQ glazing in the final hour. Whole Smoked Chicken. Wrap your next poultry cook with a little smoke.

This whole chicken is brined, seasoned with our Big Game rub, lemon, garlic, fresh thyme and mesquite smoked for some smokin' flavor. Homepage Carousel - Recipe of the Week null.

Garlic butter grilled lobster, and juicy porterhouse steak team up for wood-fired deliciousness from land and sea. These beefy racks pack some serious flavor. Beef ribs are generously seasoned with Traeger Beef Rub, mopped with apple juice to keep them moist, and cooked low and slow to tender perfection. Grilled Guinness Burger.

The BEST Smoked Recipes!

We're "Dublin" the flavor with this juicy burger. These beef patties are mixed with Guinness beer, smoked, smothered with melty cheese and topped with all the fixin's. BBQ Pork Belly. Looking for a savory meat you can use with just about anything? Grilled Steak for Two with Cocoa Rub. Sweeten your steak game with smokin' flavor. These hand-cut rib-eyes are generously seasoned with a sweet and rich cocoa rub and reverse seared over cherry wood for some serious steak perfection. Homepage Carousel - Recent Recipes null. Grilled cheese just got a whole lot more epic.

Tender pulled pork meets melty cheddar cheese between two toasty slices of bread. This is one rich dish. Coffee rubbed tri-tip is grilled over hickory and perfectly paired with creamy, gruyere cheese mashed potatoes. This is delicious in a bite. Ultimate Loaded Nachos. Baked Garlic Parmesan Wings. If you're looking for simple and downright delicious, these wings are calling your name. Chicken Rub seasoned wings are grilled and topped with parmesan cheese and fresh parsley for some handheld happiness.

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Smoked Scalloped Potatoes. Cheese, cream and cherry wood smoked, these potatoes are oozing with savory flavor. Scalloped potatoes are layered high with a cheddar cream sauce in classic cast-iron and baked to bubbly perfection.